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New markets of particularly foreign cultures often pose a great challenge for many companies. Eurocomm Tekbiz Africa Ltd has specialized in such matters. We are a competent partner who understands a lot about foreign cultures, markets and how they function.

  • We have a proven track record of building a bridge between companies of different cultural orientation. We support you in adapting your products to the needs of the African market.
  • We offer assistance in establishing a potential business partner and take care of the complete marketing process.
  • We offer full-service support in terms of organization and logistics (e.g. transport and customs issues).
  • We organize events for the product launch, create or adapt communication tools, public relations (print, TV, radio, online), social media (content creation, community management), etc.

Why work with us

For more than 15 years, we have gathered an outstanding experience in intercultural communication combined with international marketing in Europe.

Since 2019 we expanded our expertise to the African market and in particular the Kenyan market and have successfully mastered the art of cross-cultural communication between the two continents.

Intercultural Competence

The pivotal point of our corporate culture is to live and celebrate the synergy of diversity from our team who hail from different cultural backgrounds . We understand both the African and the European business point of view and have mastered how to bring them together.

Knowledge of the Local Market

The East African market has its own sets of regulations, which also vary from country to country. We have gathered a rich market knowledge on both European and African markets which is essential for the success of our clients.


We have established a well-developed network of competent contacts on both continents, which enables us to assemble the best team possible for best results for our clients.

Our Vision

Africa, with its constantly growing and predominantly young population of almost 1.4 billion people is one of the most important markets of the future. However, long-term as well as sustainable success can only be achieved by those who are not only interested in their own profit, but also promote economic development and the livelihood of the people.

To realize this vision, Eurocomm Tekbiz Africa Ltd. is dedicated to support companies who wish to establish their activities in Africa with our experience and expertise . At the same time, we are also working for visionaries from Africa who wish to establish themselves in the European markets, especially Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and France.

360° Services

We believe in everything or nothing at all! We are aware that for a cooperation across thousands of kilometers to succeed, business integrity and mutual trust that honouring agreements and implementing them is an ultimate requirement. Therefore, to simplify the complexity in the process of deliverance, our customers get a complete service from a single source.

Case Study
CELLUX Product Launch

In October 2020, we conducted the product launch for a solar-powered cold room in Kenya for suncooling GmbH, a company from Germany. We arranged a three exploratory trips with and without our client, to perfectly prepare for the launch. More than 250 participants attended the kick-off event of the pilot plant in Kithimani while observing the necessary hygiene measures. 3 TV reports, 6 radio spots and numerous articles published in the daily and trade press ensured a maximum of attention for the product.