Eurocomm Tekbiz Africa Ltd

About us

We act as solution providers, trailblazers, business initiators – for us, the success of our customers always comes first. We are curious about new challenges, always ready to go unusual ways and work result oriented for the success of our clients.

Our team performs client consulting, project management, marketing strategy, public relations, social media content and events – and have the flexibility to expand our team so as to always offer our clients the best possible service: Art Directors, Digital Marketing Specialists, Sales Specialists, Customs and Logistics Experts, Industry Experts, Lobbyists… We work both remotely and on-site in Nairobi.

Our business ethics

Africa has by far the youngest population in the world at the average of 18 years. In Europe, average age is 42, in North Amercia 35 and 31 in South America and Asia. In Kenya, the median age is slightly higher with 20,12 years in 2021, but still very low. By 2100, it’s projected that nearly half of the world’s children aged 0-4 years old will be in Sub-Saharan Africa.

In order to sustainably feed this fast growing, young population, African countries need to develop their economies. The growth rates are promising, reaching from 5 to 8 % (in comparison, Germany had a growth rate of 2,5 % in 2021), but they still need to be improved. Innovative technology from abroad is one of the keys to drive this improvement. This is why we chose to work only with companies who also want to contribute to this development.

Marketing for technical products in a wide range of industries is our passion, with focus on B2B. We do this by taking innovations to areas where they are needed the most!

Meet Our Team



Managing Partner

A Kenyan with excellent networking skills and best contacts to personalities in business, community, and politics. Specialized in events management with a passion for unusual challenges and always at state of the art.



Managing Partner

Expert in international marketing and intercultural communication, responsible for strategic consulting. Best media contacts, in Kenya as well as in Germany and France.



Project Coordinator/Social Media

Project manager, pragmatic, always keeping an eye on the target, does everything by the book and keeps the team together. Thinks out of the box and responsible for social media content & community management in English, Swahili, Kikuyu, Kikamba.



Team Assistant

Team Assistant, target oriented, motivated, and responsible for Social Media Content & Community Management in German, English and French.



Strategist/Project Coordinator

A great strategist/ project coordinator, the team´s single point of access to places in and out of Nairobi, connected to business, community and the political class. An all-rounder, our libero in the team and the man in Nairobi for the special tasks.



Creative Director

Bob is our Art Director and the creative head of the agency. A true all-rounder creative designer with an outstanding experience of close to 25 yrs. He is well-versed to his compatriots and understands how to get brand messages conveyed.